Care Home Fees in Salford and Trusts in Wills

WRITING a will is essential for EVERY adult no matter how old you are or how wealthy. But most people in the UK simply never get around to it.
With an aging population and an increased need for individuals to be cared for in residential and nursing homes has led to an increase in care home fees with the average resident paying £26,000 per year.

The Local Authority (LA) in Salford is responsible for covering the full cost of residential care for those with capital assets below £14,250. For those with assets valued between £14,250 and £23,250 the Local Authority will make a contribution. However, Local Authorities will not assist with care home fees in circumstances where an individual has capital assets over £23,250.

The high value of the homes of most couples/civil partners in the Salford  area means that their capital assets far exceed the LA threshold and therefore they will be liable to pay care home fees in full.

We have made the process of planning for care home fees now easy to provide  peace of mind for the future and ensure you still have something to pass on:
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